Los Angeles Stadium

Inspired By Southern California, Designed for the NFL Experience

Los Angeles Stadium at Grand Crossing will be the first stadium built specifically for the NFL in California and will reflect the California lifestyle, with an outdoor environment, ample parking, plenty of room to tailgate, expanding the NFL game-day experience and great views for all fans.

Sitting at the crossroads of four counties, the Los Angeles Stadium will provide access to over 15.5 million people, playing host to 75,000 fans each Sunday.

The Los Angeles Stadium Experience

LA Stadium Video: Central Location

Los Angeles Stadium - Cutting-Edge Design

Los Angeles Stadium will utilize the unique topography of the site. By building the Los Angeles Stadium into the hillside, construction costs and materials needed, especially steel, will be lower relative to other stadiums of similar size and scope.

LA Stadium elevation wireframe
LA Stadium elevation rendering

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The Man with A Plan
Stadium? Yes. Owner? Check. Now Los Angeles Just Needs A Team

Jon Wertheim, Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated LogoThis hash-marked Taj Mahal will be revolutionary, unbelievable, incredible—the stadium against which all others will be measured. It will boast swank suites, a beer garden, a music stage and, this being L.A., a private entrance for celebrities… The stadium is the crown jewel of a 600-acre complex.

John SemckenJohn Semcken, Majestic Realty Co.
We have 600 acres and 25,000 parking spaces and are at the heart of the Los Angeles region. This is the perfect location for the NFL and for the ultimate fan experience..

The Facts

Spacious grounds, tailgating and an all day NFL Experience

  • Fact: 600 acres
  • Fact: 25,000 parking spaces
  • Fact: 75,000 seats, 12,500 club seats, 176 suites
  • Fact: Includes restaurants, retail shops and live theatres
  • Fact: Better views for all fans

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Stadium Site Lines

Better views for all fans.

Stadium Site Lines

Los Angeles Stadium’s unique design includes enhanced site lines that allow fans to be closer to the action. Compare our design (in red) to traditional NFL stadiums (in grey).

Compare Site Lines

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Check out the 120 plus organizations, elected officials, cities, counties and leaders who have endorsed Los Angeles Stadium at Grand Crossing.

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