Grand Crossing

At the Heart of Southern California

Central Location
Majestic Realty Co. is replicating the most successful model in the National Football League by placing Los Angeles Stadium outside the congestion of a metro area. Over half of the new NFL stadiums have been built in the suburbs including Dallas, New England, New York and Washington.

Interactive Map of the LA Stadium

Accessible to over 15.5 million people and at the crossroads of four counties, Los Angeles Stadium is located 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, 15 minutes from Disneyland and is equidistant from Newport Beach and Hollywood.

Four Counties, Over 15.5 Million People

LA Stadium Video: Central Location

Ed RoskiEdward Roski, Majestic Realty Co.
Over the 15 years we've been on this project we've looked at every possible location in Southern California. We've researched downtown, the Rose Bowl and the Coliseum and all of those sites lack the spacious grounds necessary for the ultimate fan experience.
John SemckenJohn Semcken, Majestic Realty Co.
We are replicating the most successful model of locations for stadiums in the National Football League. Just like the Cowboys, Patriots and so many other franchises we will have a centralized location to service all of Southern California.

The Facts

Central location, easy access and plenty of on-site parking

  • Fact: 20 minutes east of Los Angeles, 15 minutes north of Disneyland
  • Fact: Equidistant from Hollywood and Newport Beach
  • Fact: Within an hour of over 15.5 million people – that’s 1/19 people in the USA
  • Fact: At the crossroads of two major freeways and four counties
  • Fact: Dallas, New England and New York are just a few examples of stadiums built outside of urban areas

Get Directions

  • From Los Angeles: Take the 10 or the 60 and exit Grand Avenue or one of many adjacent exits
  • From the San Fernando Valley: Take the 210 to either the 605 or 57 to same exits above
  • From San Bernardino: Take the 10 or the 210 to the 57 Freeway or the 60 Freeway to the exits above
  • From Riverside: Take the 60 to the exits above or the 71 to the 60 or the 91 to the 57 to exits above
  • From Orange County: Take the 57 or the 605 to the 60 to the exits above
  • Download: 30 Mile Map (pdf)
  • Download: Local Map (pdf)

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